New Stu-stu-studio!!

As a rule, I start to feel gloomy when the clocks go back. This year, I remain chipper because of my fabulous new ’shed’. I finally have a proper design studio*, rather than a weeny desk in the corner of our bedroom. I might just move out there, it’s sooo wonderful. There’s a photo tour below for your delectation!

(*Correct pronunciation: “Stu-stu-studio” ala Phil Collins circa 1985.)

I’ve had a busy couple of months getting planting jobs done before the weather turns. Literally hundreds of plants and bulbs, a few trees, and scores of trugs full of compost have gone through my hands this autumn. None in my garden, sadly, which is having to take care of itself these days. I just can’t find the time. Happily, the back garden is so densely planted that weeds haven’t got a chance. I might clear a few leaves and plant some bulbs if I find time, but it’s pretty much going to be left to its own devices over winter. The wildlife will love it, and I think it looks great.

The front garden – our mini allotment – on the other hand, is in a sorry state, a truly embarrassing state, given what I do for a living. I hope expect I’m not the only professional gardener whose own garden is less than perfect. I haven’t managed to do enough work on the veg patch this year, and am now thinking it would be best to take out some of the raised beds. It’s better to face facts and acknowledge that I can’t do everything. Plus it will stop me feeling guilty whenever I walk down my front path. I’m going to focus on growing just a few, easy things that we really love – garlic, herbs, beans, courgettes and fruit.

Any work on my garden will have to wait for a bit unfortunately, as I’ve managed to damage my shoulder, and am having to take a bit of time off gardening work. Happily, I’ve got lots of lovely design work to be getting on with in the meantime.