Month: September 2015

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

The garden is looking quite gorgeous this week. The low autumn sunshine acts like a spotlight and the early morning dew is making the whole place shine. There are spider webs everywhere. The late flowers of roses, sedums, cyclamen, heleniums and asters are lovely. But as I walked around the garden this morning, it was the fruit and berries that… Read more →

B is for Bulbs :: A to Z of Gardens

Planting spring bulbs is a pure act of gardening optimism. I feel a wonderful sense of anticipation when I plant bulbs, of seeing those first bright green shoots pushing upwards through the chilly, brown soil in late winter. That sight is one I look forward to every year. It’s a reminder that spring is coming. It provides a welcome boost… Read more →

Swab the deck!

At the bottom of our garden, in a shady north-east facing corner, is a deck. It was built by the previous owner and cleverly incorporates an old cherry tree, which actually grows up through the middle of it. This year the tree produced lots of really tasty cherries – the lovely warm weather we had in June must have helped… Read more →

Bambooserie and cardoons

We had a lovely, slightly damp, time at the Bishop’s House Garden in Norwich on Sunday afternoon. I’ve been meaning to visit all summer. It’s a hidden, walled garden, positioned right in the heart of the city, near the cathedral. Unfortunately it’s not always open to the public and you can only visit on occasional open days. Yesterday was a… Read more →

Autumn is here

The early signs of autumn are appearing. Cyclamen have popped their heads up out of the ground, bare-stemmed and without their heart-shaped leaves yet. Apples are starting to fall and the plums are turning the most delightful shade of rosy pink. The rest of the veg have slowed down now with the arrival of colder temperatures, and there is mildew… Read more →

Best children’s garden toys

I thought I’d do a round up of my favourite children’s garden toys, following on from my last post about childhood memories of playing outside. We have a few garden toys that the kids have absolutely loved and that they continue to play with year after year. You’ll notice that I haven’t included a trampoline. I know they’re popular and… Read more →