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G is for Gladioli :: A to Z of Gardening

Every year, I like to try a new plant in my garden. It’s a good way to learn, and stops me feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of different shrubs and perennials that are out there! This year, I’ve chosen gladioli. Why Grow Gladioli? Some of you reading this might be thinking, “Ugh, no, not gladioli. My granny used to… Read more →

My Dahlias Are Flowering (Sort Of) :: Grow-Along

It’s time for a quick update on my dahlias. Sadly, they are unimpressive. Some are doing better than others, and may improve before the summer’s out, but I still haven’t had a single, perfect flower. Although I have high hopes for the flower pictured above that is just opening up. A couple of plants have been well and truly devoured by… Read more →

My Dahlias Have Arrived! :: Grow-Along

My dahlias have arrived. Yay! And the prize for funniest looking tuber goes to… (actually I can’t remember which one that was now). Well they certainly are strange, ugly things, and it’s hard to believe they will grow into something quite beautiful in a few months. Dahlias are tender plants and should not be planted out yet. If you have… Read more →

2016 My Year of the Dahlia

Every year I choose a new plant to have a go at growing. I felt quite overwhelmed when I first got into gardening. There are bloomin’ (forgive the pun) thousands of different plants out there! I wondered if I’d ever learn the common names of more than just a handful, let alone the Latin names and how to grow them. But… Read more →