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New Stu-stu-studio!!

As a rule, I start to feel gloomy when the clocks go back. This year, I remain chipper because of my fabulous new ’shed’. I finally have a proper design studio*, rather than a weeny desk in the corner of our bedroom. I might just move out there, it’s sooo wonderful. There’s a photo tour below for your delectation! (*Correct pronunciation: “Stu-stu-studio” ala… Read more →

Autumn Reflections

It’s been quite a year of change for my garden, and for me too, actually. I always find myself reflecting on the past year in autumn, rather than at new year. I think it’s because the gardening season is coming to an end, and most plants are going into dormancy. Perhaps this is the time of year when all gardeners get a… Read more →

A Bad Case Of Winter Denial

As usual, I’m finding the transition from autumn to winter a tricky one. The clocks went back but I’m struggling to accept that the growing season is over. I have not yet wrapped my banana tree up with fleece to protect it from the cold that is inevitably coming. I failed to plant garlic cloves and broad beans in the raised beds before… Read more →

Small Garden Trees For All Seasons

This is the time of year when trees shine. Flowers are fading, even the late blooming asters and roses will shortly be over. But the trees will soon be putting on a glorious show. Street trees are covered with dew drops and spangly spider webs in the early morning light as we walk to school. Beware the fat drips as you… Read more →

There is no true beauty without decay

One of my very favourite films is Withnail and I. I’ve watched it countless times and often find myself quoting it in everyday situations: screeching “Get in the back of the van!” at my dawdling children; “We’re not from London,” when travelling anywhere in the country; “Fork it!” whenever it seems appropriate; and “I feel like a pig shat in… Read more →

Floral eye candy for a grey Monday

There are still lots of special things to see in my garden, even though we are nearing the end of autumn. On cloudy days, the few remaining flowers look so bright they seem to shout through the browns, greys and increasingly dull greens, and I just have to go out there and have a closer look. So I thought I… Read more →

November: What To Do Now

This month has brought us some truly beautiful days. I still find myself entranced by the quality of the morning light and gorgeous blue skies of autumn in Norwich. We have enjoyed walking (and scooting) through showers of golden, falling leaves. There are more and more bare branches now. On wet days, we squelch and squerch through deep, shiny piles… Read more →

October: What To Do Now

The bottom of my garden smells of fennel today. Seven-foot stems, covered in feathery leaves, are holding up dried seedheads at just the right height for me to get a good sniff as I walk past. And there are still so many jewel-coloured flowers out: roses, sedums, mallows, hardy fuschia, verbena bonariensis. Some flowers are only just coming into their… Read more →

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

The garden is looking quite gorgeous this week. The low autumn sunshine acts like a spotlight and the early morning dew is making the whole place shine. There are spider webs everywhere. The late flowers of roses, sedums, cyclamen, heleniums and asters are lovely. But as I walked around the garden this morning, it was the fruit and berries that… Read more →