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Two Shades Of Grey

You may recall that last year I set myself the challenge of prettying up a rather hideous block-work garage that runs along the left side of my garden. I considered various solutions in Up The Garage Wall (Part 1), and then we built a pergola (Part 2). And now, here is Part 3, a post I’ve titled ‘Two Shades Of Grey’ because gardening can… Read more →

Up The Garage Wall (Part 2)

Late last summer, I was puzzling over the problem of how to disguise or distract from the ugly garage wall the runs down the left hand side of our garden. I came up with a few ideas in this post, and received lots of helpful feedback and suggestions. In the end, I decided that the best solution would be to… Read more →

Up The Garage Wall (Part 1)

Everyone has a part of their garden that drives them up the wall (forgive the pun). For some time, I have been searching for a way to disguise this mock stone, garage wall. Whenever I look out of the kitchen window, I think how lovely my garden is, and what a shame that this grim, grey thing has to be in… Read more →