Month: February 2016

My Dahlias Have Arrived! :: Grow-Along

My dahlias have arrived. Yay! And the prize for funniest looking tuber goes to… (actually I can’t remember which one that was now). Well they certainly are strange, ugly things, and it’s hard to believe they will grow into something quite beautiful in a few months. Dahlias are tender plants and should not be planted out yet. If you have… Read more →

2016 My Year of the Dahlia

Every year I choose a new plant to have a go at growing. I felt quite overwhelmed when I first got into gardening. There are bloomin’ (forgive the pun) thousands of different plants out there! I wondered if I’d ever learn the common names of more than just a handful, let alone the Latin names and how to grow them. But… Read more →

Tiny Terrarium Gardens (Part 2)

Last summer, I wrote this post about buying a terrarium as a birthday present for my sister, Hannah (a fellow blogger – check out her latest post at Hannah’s Home). Today, we finally got around to planting it up, and did a few more while we were at it. It was super fun and I’m really pleased with our little… Read more →

February: What To Do Now

Something drew me out into the garden yesterday morning when I got back from the school run. Perhaps it was the fact that there’s a bit of warmth to the sunshine again. I let the spirit take me and didn’t even stop to change my clothes. I had a lovely time clearing out a couple of small borders, chucking all… Read more →