My Dahlias Have Arrived! :: Grow-Along

Dahlia tuber in pot

My dahlias have arrived. Yay! And the prize for funniest looking tuber goes to… (actually I can’t remember which one that was now). Well they certainly are strange, ugly things, and it’s hard to believe they will grow into something quite beautiful in a few months.

Dahlias are tender plants and should not be planted out yet. If you have bought tubers then plant them up in pots when they arrive, with the stalks pointing up and tubers dangling hanging sitting below. (Sorry, I’m still giggling childishly about the funny shapes!)

Ensure they are completely covered and keep the compost dry. Only when they start to show shoots, should we begin watering. Or so I have been told. This is the first time I have done this, so if you have differing advice please do share it! And don’t forget to label each pot so you know which is which.

My five dahlias all potted up and labelled now. I spent a lovely half hour working in my newly tidied potting area. It will be even nicer working there when the honeysuckle is in flower. The flowers will be just at nose height, and I’ll be able to enjoy the fragrance while I pot up at my little table. A few flowers are already trying to open!

There were a few small pieces that had broken off the tubers while they were in transit. I have planted the pieces up in smaller pots on the off-chance that they will sprout and produce new plants (fingers crossed). I’m keeping the pots in a frost-free shed. I’ll let you know, of course, as soon as there are any signs of growth.

Do keep me posted with your progress. And if you haven’t bought your dahlias yet, my local garden centre is chock-full of them right now, so I expect yours is too. A single tuber will cost you just a couple of quid.

Garden centre dahlias

Dahlia tuber Dahlia pots Dahlia pot

Potting area