Tiny terrarium gardens (Part 1)

It’s my sister’s birthday in a few weeks, and I’m going to buy her a terrarium to go in her very stylish home. (Actually Hannah is in the process of a massive renovation, so really it is a soon-to-be very stylish home. You can follow her progress on her blog Hannah’s Home.) There are lots of terrariums in the shops these days as they are officially cool now, apparently. They come in copper, brass, zinc, hanging, sitting on a shelf, in any polyhedra shape you can imagine, and can be planted up to make a miniature, indoor garden. You can even add a kitschy tiny gnome or, my preference would be, toy dinosaurs.

Hannah wants one that will sit on a shelf and I have been on the lookout for a sufficiently stylish example. This is my shortlist:


OliverBonasTerrarium Ikeasockergreenhouse UrbanBotanistGem WestElmTerrarium

  1. Urban Grow Star Terrarium Planter in Bronze £30 from Urban Outfitters
  2. Small copper and glass terrarium £28 from Oliver Bonas
  3. Socker greenhouse £13 from Ikea
  4. Gem £54.95 from The Urban Botanist
  5. Brass base terrarium £39 from West Elm

Aren’t they pretty? I’m not going to say which I’ve chosen, just in case she’s looking, but it’s that one *whispers slyly and points*. She’s asked me to help plant it up and I’m thinking we should go with succulents in a range of leaf shapes and colours. They make great house plants and are pretty easy to look after.

I’ll do a follow up post once it’s planted, and hopefully share a photo of it on a stylish shelf in a stylish cool scandi-style interior in Hannah’s home. (Although, considering the state of her completely gutted living room at the moment, that may be some time away.)