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My Dahlias Are Flowering (Sort Of) :: Grow-Along

It’s time for a quick update on my dahlias. Sadly, they are unimpressive. Some are doing better than others, and may improve before the summer’s out, but I still haven’t had a single, perfect flower. Although I have high hopes for the flower pictured above that is just opening up. A couple of plants have been well and truly devoured by… Read more →

A Midsummer Garden

After a sunny week in Portugal, I arrived back home to a surprisingly lush garden. I’d expected to return to dried out hanging baskets and shriveled pot plants. Instead, I found everything overgrown. Our English summer has been dreadfully rainy so far, but it’s made my borders blousy and gorgeously verdant, so I don’t mind. This is what midsummer should look… Read more →

My Dahlias Have Arrived! :: Grow-Along

My dahlias have arrived. Yay! And the prize for funniest looking tuber goes to… (actually I can’t remember which one that was now). Well they certainly are strange, ugly things, and it’s hard to believe they will grow into something quite beautiful in a few months. Dahlias are tender plants and should not be planted out yet. If you have… Read more →

2016 My Year of the Dahlia

Every year I choose a new plant to have a go at growing. I felt quite overwhelmed when I first got into gardening. There are bloomin’ (forgive the pun) thousands of different plants out there! I wondered if I’d ever learn the common names of more than just a handful, let alone the Latin names and how to grow them. But… Read more →