“Hello, Mr Bum Juice!” :: Tales Of A Professional Gardener

I was clearing leaves from a client’s border, ready for bulb planting, when a little blond boy’s head popped over the neighbours’ fence, and he said “Hey!”

Me: Hello. Have you had a good morning?

Boy: Yes.

Me: What are you standing on?

Boy: *pause* … uh, a fence.

Me: What have you been doing this morning?

Boy: Playing with toys!

Me: Have you had your lunch yet?

Boy: No.

Me: What are you going to have?

Boy: A cheese sandwich.

Me: I’m probably going to have a peanut butter sandwich.

He disappears again.

That was a nice chat, I was thinking, when his head pops back over the fence.

Him: Hello Mr Bum Juice! *gleefully*



So, there you go. Fun times.