Family Garden, Portersfield Road, Norwich

Last July, Natalie, one of my design clients invited me over to see how her garden has come on since we planted it up in March. It was fantastic to see all the plants thriving, and how much greener the space is now.

There were buds on the agapanthus and daylilies, so it will be even more colourful soon. The best part was seeing how much her young daughter has been enjoying the garden, playing on the new lawn, growing lots of beautiful nasturtiums from seed, and hunting for bugs. She even showed me a wonderful caterpillar chrysalis that she’d found!

The Brief

To create an attractive, child-friendly space, with areas for play, relaxed seating, and lush planting in bold, hot colours. The design will make the most of the fact that the garden wraps around the house, offering framed views of flowers and foliage, and a child’s play area, from the kitchen and conservatory windows. A potting and storage area will be kept out of sight. Changes to the hard landscaping will soften the edges of the existing, raised patio, and enable safer use of the space by children. Boundary fences will be disguised, and other design features employed, to increase privacy and create the feeling of the garden being an extension of the house.


“I contacted Rajul after visiting her lovely garden on an open day and having faith that she could come up with some ideas for turning my concrete garden into a more child friendly and enjoyable family space. Rajul came up with a great design which was achieved by listening to what our needs were and suggesting and sketching ideas that that might fit the brief. As a client I was probably a bit tricky having a tendancy to procrastinate and change my mind but she never showed any exaperation and when coming to my house was always prompt and offering thoughts and ideas, adapting to my needs. She produced a great narrative, really nailing what we were about, and a great landscape design and planting plan. Work is beginning on my garden now and I am really excited to finally get a garden we can really enjoy and my child will be safe in. Can’t wait for my child to experience the joy of running under a sprinkler system at last!” – Natalie