Interview with Joyce from Lend and Tend

I was interviewed by the lovely Joyce Veehary of Lend and Tend. There’s a video and a blog post on the Lend and Tend site. I’ve included the video at the end of this post.

Joyce started this fantastic project to help people share their gardens with keen gardeners who don’t have their own space. It’s an awesome idea!

We talked about re-wilding driveways, gardening for wellbeing, my childhood, the joy of digging, gardening with children, working with dry soil, and lots more. It’s a bit mortifying to see myself on film – I was make-up free and realised my glasses are constantly falling down my nose! – but I’m hoping you might enjoy our chat and find it interesting.

If you have a garden that you don’t have time to look after it, or if you’re a keen garden but don’t have enough space for your passion, do check out the Lend and Tend site. It has a helpful map that you could use to find a garden or gardener near you.

The Lend and Tend mission:


Gardening boosts our health and well-being but what if you can’t garden or don’t have one?

If you’re a garden owner you could Lend your garden and Garden-Share.

If you’re on an allotment waiting list, or don’t have a garden,

Tend to a a garden that belongs to someone else.”